Rip Gauthier Hunter Derby Classic

October 17, 2020
9:37 AM
Support the Hunter Derby Classic
Support the Hunter Derby Classic

Many of you have been wondering about this year's Classic. I waited and waited, REALLY hoping that by now there was going to be an improvement in the COVID situation that would enable me to host the Rip Gauthier Classic again this year on the 17th of October as scheduled. Over the last few months, I have received many messages saying that it would be a gift to be able to look forward to playing on the derby field, in light of the unusual circumstances we have all faced over these last several months. 

While the field is at its best and I am truly saddened, I do believe the right decision is to cancel the Classic this year.

Given the exactitude and cost of the necessary protocols and the strong probability of a second wave most likely to hit somewhere between mid-October through November, it remains however in the best interest of the community, our industry and each and every one of us to do everything possible to limit the transmission of this virus.

Looking back over the years from 2003, I see how this day has not only endured but rather continues to build momentum - it fills a need in us to ride for the sheer pleasure and to come together as a community supporting something that is bigger than ourselves. It is a collective effort to improve the options for those in our community struggling through the challenges of cancer. 

Charitable organizations are suffering from the loss of special event income with all concerned trying to be innovative with substitutions and alternatives. The legacy we have built together in Rip's name is truly meaningful and I urge you to renew your support of the Classic and Cancer Care at Headwaters by making a direct on-line donation by clicking the Donate Now button. 

As you can see there are two pieces of equipment needed within the Cancer Care Department - All funds raised on this page will go towards the purchase of one or both of these items.

Gynecological Scope (4 needed at $10,000 each): This scope is used in gynecology, to assist surgeon in the removal of polyp. This scope also has the ability to take a biopsy.
Ultrasound Probe ($12,000): Ultrasound that determines proper placement of central lines, atrial lines and epidurals. This probe makes sure that they have appropriate placement.

I look forward to the new year in the hopes that we are able to mingle freely again. The light heartedness, camaraderie and joy that permeates the Classic fills my heart with optimism amid this extraordinary time we currently face together. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support - let's try and do something this year in spite of this blasted pandemic!

- Willa Gauthier
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