Have a Heart for Headwaters

Have a Heart for Headwaters

January 29, 2020
9:00 AM
Honour someone you love!
You can play a critical role in helping to ensure that the last few items of priority equipment,
urgently required by the Hospital, are funded before March 31st.

Support Have a Heart for Headwaters during the month of February, Heart Month, and you will help thousands of members of your community receive quality and easily accessible care, close to home, when they need it the most.

We have four pieces of clinical equipment that are still required. What better way to show the community you care?

Pieces of equipment needed:

Osmometer - $23,000

This item is used to detect problems with plasma versus water balance in the blood.
This affects patients with diabetes or kidney dysfunction.

Hospital Bed - $25,000
This bed offers a supportive and therapeutic surface for optimal comfort, reducing the
incidence of pressure ulcers.

Cardiac Telemetry Pack - $7,500
This pack is used to monitor heart rate and rhythm. It detects if there are any disturbances with the heart. It’s a portable machine used throughout the hospital.

Urgent Hospital Needs - $5,000
Smaller but equally as important items are required in many areas across the hospital.
Examples include: sleeper chairs, lead aprons, scopes and geri-chairs.