Preparing for Fall: A New Normal at Headwaters a message from Kim Delahunt, President & CEO, Headwaters Health Care Centre

September 14 2020
As we move into the Fall, our hospital together with our community partners is busy planning and preparing for a possible second wave of COVID-19. I am confident we will be ready to rise to the occasion and support our community and each other once more.

This pandemic propelled us into situations that illustrated our values of courage, teamwork, passion and kindness. I recall a mother sharing her experience going through our COVID-19 Assessment Centre. Her young daughter was terrified to get tested. Our team, rather than being dismissive or hurried to help the next patient took the time to comfort the child – testing her and her favorite doll. I feel privileged to work alongside colleagues who truly shine in the face of adversity.

Beyond the walls of our hospital it has been moving to see the outpouring of support for our COVID-19 Response. We are so grateful to everyone who has donated food, supplies and equipment, saluted us and decorated our hospital with signs and children’s artwork. Thank you to each and every person in our community who has already made a philanthropic donation and to everyone who is currently considering doing so. We need you now more than ever!

Whether we have a second wave of COVID-19 or not, our hospital will remain ready to care for our community including the delivery of close to 900 babies this year and over 45,000 Emergency Department visits annually.

With the cancellation of the Black & White Gala, originally scheduled for May 2020, the Foundation will instead be hosting an online Virtual Event, running from October 8-17. The cancellation means that the Foundation will have significantly less to grant this year, so we are hopeful that our hospital family and our community will step up and help us fill this gap.  This event will include a raffle, an online silent auction and a Field Hospital made up of urgently needed Obstetrics Equipment (including infant scales, respiratory monitors, bassinets, etc.). The option to support the Event through unrestricted donations to fund the Hospital’s most urgent priority needs is also included.

While things may look a little different to ensure the safety of all, we are committed to continuing to deliver the care our community depends on. We are ready to face what’s coming next head on and will come out of it stronger together.