Frank’s Story

What Headwaters means to me. This is Frank’s Story.

Headwaters Health Care Centre is an excellent place to go when you or not well, or you are injured, or like me, you have a chronic condition that needs to be managed.  As a dialysis patient, I spend at least 12 hours a week in the hospital receiving my treatments. Treatments that, quite frankly, keep me alive.

The nurses in Dialysis at Headwaters are second to none. They care for me and all of the other patients as individuals. We are each made to feel special, and we are not only being treated for our physical issues, but our emotional concerns as well. For anyone who isn’t aware of what the dialysis process looks like; imagine sitting in a chair, being hooked up to a machine intravenously (I.V. needle) and then waiting for 4 hours to have it clean your blood. Somehow these amazing nurses have figured out how to make this process not only bearable, but actually pleasant. I spend so much time with this group that we are almost like family. We laugh, share stories, and most importantly support one another. I can’t imagine having to go through this experience anywhere else.

The best part about having my treatments at Headwaters is that it is close to home. I don’t have to spend hours travelling back and forth to the city, which has allowed me to have what I call a “more normal” life.  I have recently been able to obtain a job which has made me very happy as I can be independent and productive and provide service to my community.

Right now the dialysis department is undergoing renovations to create a safer, larger and more efficient care space. Thank you to everyone who has already made a gift in support of the hospital – your donation truly makes a difference in real lives – lives just like mine.