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In 1997, a group of volunteers called “Friends of Headwaters” created the Friendship Gardens. This group had already raised money to buy equipment and a critical care unit for the hospital and when they saw the barren grounds outside the new facility, they took action.

The first garden, called the Fountain Garden, was created in 1997 through fundraising by the group and generous donations from many individuals, associations and companies.

Subsequent gardens that were built or taken over are The Arbour Garden, The Kids’ Garden, The Helicopter Garden, The Hillside Garden, the Serenity Garden, The Café Garden, The Specialist Garden and the Healing Wheel (the 150 ton limestone dry wall in the form of a circle, at the entrance to the hospital grounds).

The gardens were a beautiful, instant success with patients, staff and visitors, and help make our hospital a special place to receive care. All fundraising, planning, implementation and maintenance of the gardens have been done by the Friends of Headwaters. Your donation will help us to continue this work. All donations over $25 will receive a tax receipt.