Thank you for considering Headwaters Health Care Centre as a beneficiary of your fundraising event. The support of our community is the key to our success and we recognize the effort it takes to hold an event on our behalf.

Getting started:

1. Tell us about your event.

Please complete and return our Community Event Form.

2. Set your goals.

3. Prepare a Budget

Create a budget that will keep operating costs low. Estimate attendance, cost of decorations, refreshments, printing, mailing expenses and so on. Use our Budget Worksheet to plan.

4. Plan!

Planning an event can be a lot of time and work. That is where an event planning committee can come in very handy. A committee can help you plan the event from start to finish. Sound easy? It is, but before you begin recruiting members, you should have an event plan in place including a detailed list of all activities and the responsible member.

5. Promote your event.

Headwaters Health Care Foundation can assist you in the promotion of your event through our website, Twitter and Facebook Pages. We will also assist with the preparation of Media Releases & Photo Opportunities.

6. Have fun!

7. Collect all funds.

We ask that all event revenue be collected and returned to us within 30 days of the event.

8. Thanks for Making Us Better!

We will include your company and logo on our website in addition to an annual “Thank You ad” in our local newspaper. Support comes in many forms: cash donations…buying raffle tickets…donating prizes and baked goods…as well as giving volunteer hours and energy. It all adds up to something truly amazing. Thank you again for supporting the Headwaters Health Care Centre, with your help we can make a difference in our community.

Thank you for helping us create the best: Best care. Best partners. Best health.