Headwaters Health Care Foundation can provide the following assistance once your event has been registered with the Foundation:

  • advice and expertise on event planning
  • a letter of support to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers
  • approve the use of our name. Please note you must obtain permission from the Foundation to use our name and all materials
  • with our name must be approved by the Foundation office in accordance with the External Use of Logo policy
  • the wording to be used in any printed materials of publicity regarding the activities of the hospital and use of funds generated by the event
  • a media list for press releases. The Foundation office must see all press releases beforehand for approval by our Communications department
  • promotion of the event on Facebook and Twitter
  • if possible, have a representative on hand available to speak at the event; event-planner
  • acknowledge direct contributions to Headwaters Health Care Foundation and issue tax receipts for donations in accordance with Canada Revenue guidelines, which can be found at the following site: Please see section on tax receipts
  • distribute the net proceeds of the event in a manner that reflects the needs of Headwaters Health Care Centre and the Foundation’s accountability to its donors and supporters
  • arrange appropriate publicity surrounding the donation of the proceeds to Headwaters Health Care Foundation.


  • offer funding or reimbursement for expenses
  • share donor or sponsor lists
  • provide staff to organize or run your event
  • provide prizes, auction items or awards
  • sell tickets or items
  • ensure staff attendance or participation
  • use paid advertising to promote your event
  • issue tax receipts or business receipts for gifts-in-kind made directly to the event (please see section on tax receipting guidelines)
  • provide insurance coverage
  • apply for a raffle or liquor license on your behalf
  • accept any legal or financial responsibility for your event.