Community hosted events are a wonderful way to give back, say thank you and raise funds.

Host A Virtual Event
We are in unprecedented times and our world is constantly changing. If you wanted to host an event in support of Headwaters Health Care Foundation, you can still do that, but virtually! We have lots of ideas to get you started.
  • Challenge your friends to raise funds for Headwaters – create your own fundraising page and inspire your friends to do the same. Please visit
  • Host a charity live stream on social media
  • A silent auction or raffle
  • Host a birthday – or other celebration fundraiser
  • Host a bottle-drive in support of Headwaters
The support of our community is the key to our success. We recognize the effort it takes to hold an event on our behalf. We're here to help!

Getting started:

First Things First
  • Brainstorm
  • Create your committee
  • Set a fundraising goal
  • Set a date
 Tell Us About It
  • Complete our ‘Host an Event’ form within our Community Event Package below
 Create A Budget
  • Consider items such as:
    • Attendance
    • Cost of decorating
    • Printing
See the “Host an Event” package for more information on creating a budget
Plan Your Logistics
  • Create a plan for your event and lay out all the steps you need to complete it
  • Confirm your venue
  • Apply for necessary permits & additional insurance if required
  • Plan and acquire all event supplies & equipment
  • Recruit Volunteers for each role:
    • Photographer
    • MC
    • Set Up & Tear Down
    • Check-in
    • AV
    • Food & Beverage
    • Other
Promotional Ideas
  • Promote in community or company using newsletters, website, email and word of mouth
  • Promote through local media, social media, posters, flyer and don’t forget to mention @MyHeadwaters (Instagram) and @HHCFoundation (Facebook)
  • Invite the Media
  • Make a list of people who may want to attend your event
  • Send out invitations by email, mail, social media
  • Send out donation requests by email, social media
 Fundraising Ideas
  • Ask your company or other companies to match every dollar you raise or to make a company donation
  • Invite a special guest to join you in your fundraising efforts to provide an incentive to reach your goal
  • Ask! Ask! Ask!
 Wrap Up and Thank You
  • Send out thank you notes to sponsors, donors, volunteers and other organizers
  • Collect outstanding pledges or donations
  • Submit funds raised along with completed pledge forms for donations requiring receipts to Headwaters Health Care Foundation at 100 Rolling Hills Drive, Orangeville, ON L9W 4X9
See the “Host an Event” package for more information regarding collecting funds and charitable tax receipts

 Download your form here.