Current Needs

Your donation makes it possible for our hospital to provide the best care for our community’s best health.

Like all hospitals, Headwaters receives no funding from the Government, outside of large-scale capital builds, to purchase or replace hospital equipment. To ensure patients receive the best care, using the best equipment, we depend on your generosity.

Your donations at work

Current Equipment Priorities

Blood Gas Analyzer - 2 needed

The Blood Gas Analyzer is important because it measures the effectiveness of your respiration. Clinicians use it as a diagnostic tool to treat respiratory diseases. 
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Heliport Lighting

Lighting and electrical updates need to be made to the Heliport for patient, staff safety and increased energy efficiency. These lights will ensure safe landings in pivotal situations where safety and timing are of critical importance to the success of patient care.
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Telemedicine Room Upgrade

This upgrade offers a comfortable clean environment to patients while attending their Telemedicine consults. 
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Emergency Ambulance Bay Upgrade

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LED Procedure Light for Obstetrics

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