Leaving a gift to Headwaters Health Care Foundation is simple, generous and powerful.

I can’t think of a better thing to support than our local hospital. There will always be a requirement in this rapidly growing and changing community to meet the needs of your family and mine, your neighbours and mine, and neighbours we haven’t yet met.

My gift will support health care for all, for generations to come. It was as simple as consulting with my estate planning professionals and outlining my intentions in my Will. Properly done, there are also major tax advantages so that my money will be used like I want it to be. 
- John Meek

You’ve always been known for your generosity – to your family, friends, and especially to your favourite charities. As you consider the legacy you wish to leave, the desire to continue your tradition of charitable giving becomes an even more important consideration.

You can leave securities, cash, a percentage of your estate, or property.

Discuss it with your family and loved ones, then speak to your lawyer about drafting, revisiting, or adding a codicil to your Will. Your estate will benefit from the tax advantages of your gift and our growing community benefits from your thoughtfulness.

If you choose to inform us of your bequest and your wishes, it will give us the opportunity to thank you and, more importantly, to discuss what you hope your gift will help to accomplish. You’ll also be invited to become a member of the Headwaters Heritage Society. Of course, you can remain anonymous.

Leaving a gift to Headwaters Health Care Foundation in your Will is a wonderful way to honour the care you or a loved one has received and ensures others receive the same care.

It doesn’t matter whether you are leaving a lot or a little. What matters is that your legacy lives on exactly as you wish it to.